Manuals *Ampex Manual Archive at Individual image files on on audio tape recorder manual pages.

Technical Notes

  • Technical Notes on Multi-Channel Recording - Discusses applications and technology behind multichannel recording, especially audio applications. Discusses signal to noise ratio verus track width, dealing with crosstalk, synchronous recording with playback of adjacent track. 1959. 13.6M. Contributed by Tim Hughes.
  • Application Engineering Bulletin #9, March 1965. Provides details of quad, helical, and longitudinal video tape recording. Contributed by Frederick R Vobbe. File size: 2.6MB
  • Field Engineering Bulletin 70178 - 1976, part number list for tape heads.

Case Histories

  • Bradley's Barn - 1963 description of Bradley's Barn, a recording studio outside Nashville that uses Ampex multitrack AG-440-8.


*Ampex Virtual Museum - Dedicated to preserving the history of the most important manufacturer of magnetic recorders, the Ampex Virtual Museum provides online access to Manuals, Schematics, and Service Bulletins; Repair, Maintenance, and Modification Tips; Parts and Repair Sources; Catalogs, Sales Brochures, and Similar Literature; Pictures of Ampexes (mostly); Biographies of some Ampex Mailing List subscribers; Pictures of Ampex Mailing List parties; Ampex history & Other Historical Information; Audio Clips of Interviews with Former Ampex Employees; Alignment Instructions; Links of Interest to Ampex Users; Obituaries; Illustrations Accompanying Dale Manquen's Posts on Flutter; Literature Scanning Project

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