Belar Electronics Laboratory

Belar Electronics Laboratory

*Manual Archive on the Belar site contains manuals for current equipment *Belar AMM-2 and AMM-2A. Conributed by Stevan A. White, W5SAW.

  • pages 1 - 7 1.6MB
  • pages 8 - 14 1.3MB
  • pages 15 - 20 1.3MB
  • pages 21 - 27 1.1MB
  • AMM-2, AMM-2A, AMM-2B AM Modulation Monitor. 1997. 1.6MB. Contributed by Stevan A. White, W5SAW.
  • AMM-2B AM Modulation Monitor. Cleaned up scan by Bob Meister. 961kB.
  • AMM-3 AM Modulation Monitor. Scanned by Dale H. Cook. 8.75MB
  • FMM-1 FM Modulation Monitor. Contributed and scanned by Bruce Doerle. 79.1MB - Original hard copy available. Contact harold at

    • FMM-1 - Another very clean scan contributed by Bob Meister. 7MB
  • FMM-2 FM Modulation Monitor.
  • FMS-1 Stereo Monitor. Contributed by Bob Meister. 7MB.

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