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 * [TC-100|Upload:harold/800-007-001-Rev1993_TC-100Man.pdf] Telephone Coupler. 1993. 1.4MB 
 * [Teleswitch|Upload:harold/800-002-001-RevB1_TeleswitchMan.pdf] - Selects one of several POTS lines and routes to a hybrid. 1993. 1.8MB 
 * [TS612|Upload:harold/TS612%20r3.0.pdf] Multi-Line, On-Air Telephone System. 1999. 9.1MB 
 * [TS612 Network Interface|Upload:harold/network_interface_manual.pdf] - The network interface allows you to connect multiple TS612 systems together to share telephone lines among several studios. 517MB 
+* VRC-1000 Transmitter Control System  
+ * [Failsafe Accessory|Upload:harold/VRC-1000 Accessory Fail Safe Unit.pdf] - Silence sensor with programmable delay to shut down transmitter on loss of audio. Includes provisions to ensure hum or other noise does not keep transmitter up. Contributed by Alan Kilgore. 1 MB.  
 * VRC2000 Transmitter Control System 
  * [Worksheet|Upload:HaroldHallikainen/VRC2000%20Worksheets.pdf] 
  * [Manual|Upload:HaroldHallikainen/VRC2000.pdf] 
  * [Data Interface|Upload:HaroldHallikainen/VRC2000DIC.pdf] 
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-* [[Upload:harold/VRC-1000 Accessory Fail Safe Unit.pdf]]  

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