Product Data *AM16 Preamp. Includes specifications and schematic. Hosted at .

  • 117-a Program Booster, Monitor Amplifier. Provided by Donald Wilson. 1.5MB
  • Langevin Progar (Program Guardian), pre-1950's thru the early 50's Dual Meter Program Limiter/Compressor. 119A 119A This particular manual came from my fathers' store of electronic material. Originally used at the WCPO stations in Cincinnati, it was quickly found out that it would not serve well for the early rock and roll radio as the recovery time was too slow. This unit predated the GE multi-mu tubes that found favor in all of the later compressor/limiters as used in the business. Langevin was a home for the top of the line PA Sound Reinforcement, Sound Stage and Movies as well as broadcasting. Many of the 119A's made it to early TV and between the indian and cowboy chases, they would raise the noise floor of the black and white film to where one would hear all of the artifacts. Submitted by Stanley B. Adams.

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