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Machlett Laboratories

Cathode Press

  • Cathode Press, 1950 - A MINIATURE CERAMIC - The ML-280 is a high-gm miniature ceramic planar triode, for microwave amplifier, oscillator, frequency multiplier, or detector service. Its unusually small size, including an integral d-c isolated r-f cathode terminal, makes it attractive for compact cavity circuitry. Large gains and gain-bandwidth products are complemented by small drive requirements and low noise figures. D-c and heater power requirements are minimized.
  • Cathode Press, 1952 - The Voice of America... This article further develops, within security limitations, the activities of the radio phase of the U. S. International Information Program. In the first of these articles, on this State Department sponsored work, the purposes, programs, facilities, general background and audience of the Voice of America were described (Cathode Press, Summer 1952). The current discussion enlarges on transmitting needs, equipment and methods. Includes information on high power transmitters from RCA, Western Electric, General Electric, and Continental Electronics.
  • Cathode Press, 1965 - Discusses VOA relay stations including a 1MW Continental medium wave transmitter in the Philippines.


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