• Manuals available for purchase from Goodrich Enterprises
  • ACCU-5 rack mount mini-console. 1970. 4MB
  • AM-25 AM Noise Meter.
  • AMR-1 AM receiver. 1975. 1.3MB
  • Catalog from 1976-77. Contains most of the product line of McMartin Industries during the 'hey days' of McMartin. 90 megs. Stanley Adams and Dave Hultsman
  • B-910 10W FM Exciter/Transmitter. 1973. 17MB
  • BA-1K 1kw AM transmitter. 1981. 2.17M. Scanned and contributed by Gary Blau.
  • BF-3.5K 3.5kW FM Transmitter. 1975. 23.5MB
  • BF-5K 5kW FM transmitter. 1980. Scanned and contributed by Troy Bryant. 2MB.
  • TBM-3700 FM Frequency/Modulation Monitor. 1975. 8MB.
  • TBM-4000A FM-SCA Modulation Monitor. Scanned and contributed by Lane Lindstrom. File size: 2.7MB.
  • TR-66 SCA Receiver. 1965. 1MB
  • TRE-5B SCA Receiver. 1978. Contributed by Barry Mishkind. 10.5MB
  • BA-50K submitted by Stanley Adams. This is the FCC Certification Book with photos and documented performance by Richard Johnson. We thank Richard for this manual. 600dpi, no schematic is included as none is available at this time. 198MB

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