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Data Sheets *LPE-10 FM Exciter. page 1, page 2. Contributed by Mark Humphrey.

Remote Control Timeline Moseley was a major supplier of transmitter remote controls. Here's a brief list of the ones I worked on.

  • WRC-32 - I'm not sure of the model number on this one. It was vacuum tube based. It had a telephone dial to select channels and a stepper switch at the transmitter site. Control was done with tones. Step and reset were done by interrupting a single tone with the telephone dial. Metering was DC over the phone line.
  • PBR-15 - This replaced the telephone dial with a set of push buttons and digital counters. Pushing a button resulted in a tone interruption (reset), followed by a series of pulses emulating a telephone dial. The transmitter site continued to use a stepper for channel selection. Metering was audible FM (voltage to frequency converter) over the telephone line or subaudible over AM or SCA. I seem to recall a DC metering module was also available.
  • TRC-15A - This replaced the stepper at the transmitter site with individual relays. Otherwise, it was similar to the PBR-15. Metering was either audible or subaudible voltage to frequency.
  • DRS-1A - This was a modem and UART based system. On the metering side, the voltage to frequency converter of previous systems was replaced with a digital panel meter. The digital output of this was formatted and sent to a UART, then to a modem for transmission to the studio. Similarly, button presses at the studio were translated to signals for the UART driving a modem to the transmitter site.
  • MRC series - This was the first microprocessor based remote control system by Moseley.


*SCG-4T Subcarrier Generator, 1972 - 1.7MB

  • SCG-6/SCD-6 Subcarrier System. 1968. 2.8MB
  • TGR-340 Audio Gain Rider was designed to automatically ride gain on a program line, providing maximum modulation on a long-term basis, with a minimum of audible or measurable byproducts. Contributed by Tom Osenkowsky. Scanned by Gary Blau. 1979. 4.6MB

*TRC-15A remote control system. about 1975 - 12.3M

*TRC-15A Teardown

Other *GE Quadraphonic - Jim Tonne has contributed photos and history of the development of quadraphonic transmission equipment for General Electric by Moseley Associates.

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