*Introduction to the Motorola C-QUAM AM Stereo System - 1992, Scanned and contributed by Glenn Petersen. 1.6MB.

  • 1300 AM Stereo Exciter and 1310 AM Stereo Monitor. 1985.
  • 1300 and 1310 AM stereo exciter and AM stereo monitor. 16.5MB Contributed by Bob Meister.
  • 1410 - AM Stereo Modulation Monitor designed for C-QUAM system operation on a single specified frequency in the AM broadcast band. 10 kHz increment programming. 19 inch (48.21 cm) rack mount, 117V ac 50/60 Hz operation. 1988. 4MB. Scanned and contributed by Glenn Petersen.
  • DS9660A, DS9660B, DS9661A, DS9661B Conelrad receiver. 1957. Activates on carrier interruption followed by 1kHz tone. Scanned and contributed by Tim Wright. 39MB
  • S1327A Service Monitor. 1971. The Model S1327A Service Monitor is a solid-state test instrument designed to provide a frequency-synthesized signal source and a receiver for high-resolution deviation and frequency measurements over the entire 20 MHz to 990 MHz spectrum. 6MB. Scanned and contributed by Gary Glaenzer.

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