Note: Most of the actions on this page require administrative privileges.

These are here mostly for debugging purposes (at least, that is the hope.)

In normal use, you should not need to use these, though, then again, they should not really do any harm.

1 - Purge Markup Cache

(If your wiki is so configured,) the transformed (almost-HTML) content of the most recent version of each page is cached. This speeds up page rendering since parsing of the wiki-text takes a fair amount of juice.

Hitting this button will delete all cached transformed content. (Each pages content will be transformed and re-cached next time someone views it.)

2 - Clean Wiki Database of Illegal Filenames

Page names beginning with the subpage-separator, usually a slash (/), are not allowed. Sometimes though an errant plugin or something might create one....

This button will delete any pages with illegal page names, without possibility to restore.

3 - Clean Wiki Database of empty and unreferenced pages

Warning! This button will delete every empty and unreferenced page, without any possibility to restore them again. This will disable the possibility to revert or get back any deleted page.

4 - Convert cached_html to new SQL column

This is only needed on SQL or ADODB if you didn't do action=upgrade, but created the new page.cached_html field separately, and now you want to move this data from page.pagedata over to page.cached_html.

5 - Check Wiki Database

This button will check the Wiki page database for consistency. This can last several minutes.

6 - Rebuild Wiki Database

This will retransform all pages and rebuild the Wiki database on consistency errors or parser updates. This can last several minutes, eat a lot of memory and possibly times out!!


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