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 * [1025A Monitor Cue Amplifier Schematic|Upload:harold/Sparta 1025A Monitor_Cue Amp.pdf] 
 * A-15B Console 
  * [Schematic|Upload:harold/Sparta A-15B Audio Console Schematic.pdf] 
  * [901 Output Card Schematic|Upload:harold/Sparta A-15B Output Card.pdf] 
+* [A-20B|Upload:harold/SpartaA-20B.pdf] Audio Console. 1970. Contributed by Dave Dunsmoor.  
 * AS-30B Audio Console. Scanned and contributed by David Wigfield. 1972. 
  * [Manual|Upload:harold/AS-30B%20Manual.pdf]. 15MB 
 * [TEP 3S_M Power Supply Schematic|Upload:harold/Sparta TEP 3S_M Power Supply.pdf] 
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-* [[Upload:harold/SpartaA-20B.pdf]]  

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