Victoreen Instrument Company

Victoreen Instrument Company

*CD V-715 Model 1A Radiological Survey Meter - a portable instrument which measures gamma radiation dose rates as high as 500 roentgens per hour. It is designed to be used by radiological Civil Defense personnel in determining radioactive contamination that may result from an enemy attack or other nuclear disasters. 1962. See also CD V-715 Ion Chamber Survey Meter (ca. 1961 - 1964). More civil defense equipment manuals available at . More info available at Southern Radiation, Civil Defense Museum and various other sites (Google search on Victoreen Instrument. *750-5 Radiological Dosimeter Charger manufactured by the Jordan Electronics division of Victoreen. The V750 Radiological Dosimeter Charger supplies the voltage required to charge or "zero" quartz fibre dosimeters.

*Federal Guide FG-E-5.9 - Handbook For Radiological Monitors by Department of Defense Office of Civil Defense. This handbook has been prepared for use by radiological monitors in community shelters and fallout monitoring stations. It provides basic information the monitor must have to carry out his duties of detection, measurement, and reporting of radiation. While it is primarily intended for use as an operations manual in conducting radiological monitoring, it is also intended as a student manual in monitor training. 3.6M April 1963

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