• FM-3 3 kW FM transmitter, 1948. Manual courtesy of Scott Todd
  • 50-HG 50kW transmitter ad from 1942. 260kB. Contributed by Blaine Thompson.
  • 50-HG Transmitter Introduction Due to the size of the file, it is divided into four parts with an additional Introduction Book. 18.4mb
  • 50-HG Volume A This is volume A and all volumes contain text, pictures, parts list, schematics, etc. This is for the 50G v2. 83mb
  • 50-HG Volume B This a continuation of the above manual 35.5mb
  • 50-HG Volume C ditto 120.2mb
  • 50-HG Volume D Final end of the manual. 103.5mb
  • WBZ Sychronization Plan Story of the WBZ-WBZA Sychronization Plans as publihed by Westinghouse Engineering, Washington D.C. mid 1930's report written by S.D. Gregory of the Radio Department. Also a condensed story by Stanley B. Adams. Both items are not to be used without proper credit both to him and to Roy Hamilton of KDKA radio.Synchronization of Westinghouse Radio Stations WBA and WBZA

*Publication of edited article in Radio Guide September 2008 ed Barry Miskind.Radio Guide Here is actual article with pictures

Upload:StanleyAdams/How Did They Do That_ WBZ-WBZA Pages from RG-SEPOCT-2008.pdf

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