To add a new page to the wiki, all you have to do is come up with a meaningful title and put it between [[double brackets]].

Then you can go ahead and click the question mark at the end of your new hyperlink, and the Wiki will give you a window for making the new page.

The page name can contain any character, except:

  • angle brackets (<>),
  • square brackets ([]),
  • curly brackets ({}),
  • double quotes ("),
  • pipe (|),
  • and hash sign (#) that is used for anchors.

If you wish to add documents with complex markup to the wiki, you might be better off providing a URL to it than trying to add the text of the document here, like so:

[[|PhpWiki project homepage]]

PhpWiki project homepage

The Wiki does not support most HTML tags, only the simplest. See TextFormattingRules. <tags>They will just render like text.</tags> Wiki is meant to be as simple as possible to encourage use.

Note that there is a feature that your system administrator can enable to allow embedded HTML, but there are security risks involved.