“Wiki wiki” means “quick” in Hawai'ian.

All you really need to know is:

  • To edit any page click on the Edit. You should do that right now, and read the source code of this page. It will make more sense.
  • You get italics by surrounding words with two slashes on either side like this.
  • You get bold text by using two asterisks on either side.
  • And, bold italics by using both.
  • You get monospaced text by using two hash signs on either side.
  • You get bullets by using an asterisk * at the start of the line.
  • To have a paragraph in plain monospaced font, start it with {{{ and end it with }}}:
  this is a poem for sure
  about monospacing
  i wrote in purple velour
  but couldn't find a rhyme for monospacing
  • You separate paragraphs with an extra blank line. Example:

I am a paragraph.

I am a paragraph too. We're just very small paragraphs.

  • You can get horizontal rules with four or more dashes like this:

  • To create hyperlinks you just capitalize the words and string them together. Let's say you want to create a page about how Steve Wainstead eats worms. All you have to do is capitalize each word and string them together like this: SteveWainsteadEatsLiveWorms. If the page does not exist yet a question mark appears after the link, inviting you to create the page: ThisPageShouldNotExist. (And please don't ruin the example by creating one.)
  • To link to pages outside the Wiki, you can just type in the URL and Wiki will link it for you:
  • To put images in, just provide the hyperlink in brackets like this: [[http://www.yourhost.yourdomain/images/picture.png]]. Image URLs not in brackets will just appear as hyperlinks to the image.
  • Now you are ready to begin adding pages.

A WikiWikiWeb is meant to be fast and easy to edit. It has very simple markup that you can read about in Help:TextFormattingRules.

If you don't like the size of the text editing window you get, you can change it. See UserPreferences.