Amalgamated Wireless (Australiasia) Ltd.

Amalgamated Wireless (Australiasia) Ltd.

Formed from Marconi and Telefunken interests before the First World War to resolve patent difficulties. Partly government owned, it provided Australia's coastal wireless services and overseas radio links. AWA had close links to RCA & Britsh Marconi. A lot of its domestic and professional products were closely patterned on RCA designs.

  • 1970 catalog pages describing BAC-1 Transistor Broadcast Consolette, 1R61228 extension housing for the BAC-1, BAM-2 transistorized 10 watt monitor amplifier, BAR-2 broadcast amplifier (small audio mixer), BIG-1 Program Control Amplifier (limiting amplifier), BOB-2 Outside Broadcast Amplifier, BUP-2 24 volt power supply. Contributed by Tim Hughes. FTP download 5.1MB
  • Transistorised Broadcast Consolette 1P63870 - 17MB. This particular model is unknown to me (Peter Smerdon) - but it bears an uncanny resemblance to the BAC-1. It has the same architecture of two 30dB amps for mic inputs, line inputs feeding the mix busses directly via input transformers, a 50dB amp for each of line outputs (Pgm and Aud), and the Normal/Emergency switch to swap the Pgm and Aud 50dB amps in the case of failure of the Pgm line amp. Though in this case the Norm/Emerg switch is a rotary "Oak" switch not the Lever-Key switch of the BAC-1.
    From my recollections (of the 1970's) the 30dB and 50dB amp circuits (at least) are the same as the BAC-1.
    It only has 9 inputs, not the BAC-1's 10 inputs.
    Perhaps this was an early version, or a custom built unit based on BAC-1 modules and components.
    Scanned and uploaded by Peter Smerdon (apologies for the poor quality of the large format block and schematic drawings - they were badly faded blueprints - but they are legible)
  • BTM10 10kW AM Transmitter manual Part 1 - Installation and Operation - 25MB
  • BTM10 10kW AM Transmitter manual Part 2 - Technical Description and Maintenance - 11MB
  • BTM10 10kW AM Transmitter manual Part 3 - Schematics - 11MB

The BTM series were the last transmitters locally manufactured in Australia by AWA from the late 1950's to the early 1970's. There were (at least) 2 kW and 10 kW versions. This is a later unit (late 1960's). - Scanned and uploaded by Peter Smerdon.

One of a range of test instruments targetted to the broadcast market - Scanned and uploaded by Peter Smerdon.

This is one of the AWA Test Instrument range from the 1980's.

Companion items were the F242 Noise & Distortion Meter, and the G232 Low Distortion Audio Oscillator.

Manuals for these items can be found on the Boat Anchor Manual Archive

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