Byer Industries

Byer Industries

Post WW2 Australian manufacturer of disc recording and replay equipment. Licensed to manufacture Magnecorder tape-recorders in the early 1950s. Byer Industries were unhappy with the mechanical stability of the Magnecorder tape transport, and so developed the type 77 Tape-Recorder, which used a cast aluminium chassis. 250 to 300 of these were used during the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne. The Type 77 went through a number of revisions, and changes of manufacturer,(Byer ->Rola -> Plessey -> Cuemaster) ending with the Cuemaster 77 Mk V model - solid state with digital timer.


  • Brochure describes disc cutting and playback equipment and supplies. Contributed by Tim Hughes. 1.3MB


  • 77 Mark 1 Professional Tape Recorder Maintenance Manual. Contributed by Tim Huges. 4MB
  • 66/77 Mark II Byer MKII Service Instructions. Contributed by Peter Smerdon. 8MB
  • 77 Mark II Byer/Rola MKII Operations Manual incl schematics. Contributed by Peter Smerdon. 9.2MB

    This is the A5-sized red-covered user manual, by Rola but still branded Byer.

Other Documents *Microphone Stand and Base *Byer R33 *The Byer History

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