Rust Industrial Company, Inc.

Rust Industrial Company, Inc.




  • 1964 Catalog

    • AL-100(R) Chart recorder based transmitter logging. Add the R suffix for remote logging.
    • 15 kW stereo FM transmitter
    • 5 kW stereo FM transmitter
    • 1 kW stereo FM transmitter
    • General Electronics FME FM stereo exciter. Interesting design consisting of a Serrasoid modulator followed by a frequency multiplier driving a phase modulator. Stereo and SCA subcarriers drive the phase modulator.
    • General Electronics FMX subcarrier generator. Another interesting design. Audio modulates a 100 kHz carrier using a Serrasoid modulator. The output of the modulator is frequency multiplied to 10.8 MHz to increase the deviation to +/- 7.5 kHz. The 10.8 MHz signal is then heterodyned back down to the desired subcarrier frequency (30 kHz to 70 kHz).
    • General Electronics SCX-B stereo subchannel generator. Uses matrix to generate L+R and L-R. L+R drives the exciter main audio input (generally driving a Serrasoid modulator) while the pilot and L-R DSBSC signal drive a multiplex input on the exciter (generally driving a phase modulator after frequency multiplication of the Serrasoid modulated signal). It must have been a challenge to get phase alignment required for channel separation.
    • Series F remote control. Appears similar to the GatesRadioCompany RDC-10.
    • Series S remote control. Appears to be an extension metering system that uses 21 conductors.
    • Series C remote control. 10 channel DC system.
    • Series D remote control. 24 channel DC system.
    • Autolog transmitter logging system.

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