Station Histories

Station Histories

Other sites with extensive station histories

  • - Barry Mishkind's extensive old radio site.
  • - Jim Hawkins Radio and Broadcast Technology Page. Photo tours and histories of many statons.
  • The Radio Historian - John Schneider's extensive collection of documents. This web site was created to be a non-commercial repository of historical information and photos documenting the early years of radio broadcasting in the United States. A substantial portion of the site is dedicated to the history of broadcasting in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Stations by State

  • California

  • Connecticut

  • Florida

    • THE MIGHTY 690 WAPE--Jacksonville. This was one of the Brennan Family stations like WVOK (along with Benns) and WBAM. WAPE was a red hot top 40 in the mid 60's witha powerful north-south signal from Jacksonville. The transmitter was home-made and the station was a daytimer only. 50,000 watts of red hot rock and roll, or as Dewey Philips of Memphis WHBQ might describe it, 'Red, Hot and Blue'. This is their original tansmitter schematic copied from a blue print at WFLI, a sister station. On a 36" wide presentation the print is a reverse of the original. This was a patented Weldon version of the Doherty circuit using grounded grid finals. WAPE Schematic. Stanley Adams was here.

      • On 10/12/09, Phil Beckman wrote, "WAPE was originally a 25,000 watt daytimer, not going 50k day until they added the 10k night signal, It, too was a home-built Brennan blaster with a pencil-thin beam over Jacksonville from Baldwin on the west."
  • Idaho

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Kentucky

    • WAKY Louisville, Kentucky
    • WKLO Louisville
  • Michigan

  • Missouri

    • Kansas City MO includes KCKN, KCMO, KMBZ, Early FM station KOZY, WDAF, WHB, WOQ, WREN, Kansas City Post station "WRW," Hi-fi pioneer W9XBY, Kansas City FM in 1962, KFEQ St. Joseph Missouri, KFRU Columbia Missouri, KKSU Manhattan Kansas, WIBW Topeka Kansas, WOS Jefferson City Missouri, and St. Louis stations: KSD, KWK, KFUO, KXOK, WIL.
    • KMOX, St. Louis*

    • St. Louis Radio - This is the premier website of the history of St. Louis broadcast radio. Our website includes articles on subjects from the city's first on-air personalities to recent events which have permanently shaped the local radio scene.
  • New Jersey

*New York

  • WABC New York.
  • WJZ - 1926 Wireless Word article describes the new WJZ 50kW transmitter. Scanned and contributed by Timothy Hughes. 10MB
  • WOR New York. The Story of WOR's Original Transmitter, Stanley Adams, as printed in Radio Guide September 2005. 570k. This story came to Barry Mishkind by way of the grandson Cliff Uzmann who still lives in the greater NYC area. His grandfather George was a multi-disciplined fellow who ran code for the press syndicates as well as wrote stories on radio history and programming. Here is the original article from Cliff as submitted to me (Stan) upon which we based our story in RG from. Please observe the owners wishes to copyrights. Article by George Uzmann], Stanley Adams. I want to publicly thank Barry for being a considerate encourager for many who have contributed to both Harold's Wiki and also to the web site. Barry is one among many. He is a standout.

    • One of WOR's more famous announcers was Jean Shepherd. Here are some air checks of him from the 1960s where he tells us about the wonders of Morse code and a visit to the NAB convention.
    • Chronological Operating Routine Procedures - Extensive documentation for transmitter site operators

      • Book 5 - Extensive instructions for technicians from arriving at site to inspection and maintenance of equipment.
      • Book 6 - 50 kW Plant and Equipment Maintenance - Friday
      • Book 6 - 50 kW Transmitter P & E Maintenance - Wednesday Items
      • Book 7 - Transmitter and Antenna Equipment Maintenance Items. Includes some logs from 1945 through 1960.
  • Oregon

    • KQIV Lake Oswego, Oregon
  • Pennsylvania

  • Virginia

    • WRVA, Richmond, VA since 1925
  • Washington

    • KRAB - K-R-A-B were once the call letters of a non-commercial, educational FM radio station (107.7) in Seattle, Washington that went silent in 1984. When KRAB went on the air in late 1962 it was the fourth station in the country to attempt an audacious experiment: The founders of KRAB, and of the three stations that preceded it (KPFA, KPFK, and WBAI), naively believed that there were, are, enough people like themselves, intellectually curious, artistically adventuresome, open and willing to be challenged by political views contrary to their own, and believers in the power of communication to improve society, so that a radio station not serving commercial interests could be financially viable. That thesis continues to be tested.
    • KRKO (formerly KFBL), Everett. Nice collection of documents including original application for license and license from 1920s. Nice collection of documentation.


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